ETG’s Offering Soars With Eagle EDM Range G5 Precision

Taking EDM machining to a completely new level, the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) has now introduced a new addition to the Gantry Eagle series of die sink EDM machines with the arrival of the Eagle G5 Precision from OPS Ingersoll. Now available in the UK from ETG, Ingersoll has taken the gantry design concept of its Gantry Eagle 500 platform and upgraded it with the introduction of the G5 Precision.

Eagle G5 precision with mc light

With the new Eagle G5 Precision, OPS Ingersoll has built-upon the workshop suitability of the Gantry Eagle 500 and combined it with precision components to introduce a machine that delivers astounding precision and electrode usage even in graphite to VDI 8.

In developing the new Eagle G5, the aim was to create a machine to deliver the very highest in repeatable accuracy. Driven by the fact that accuracy requirements have almost doubled in the tool and mould-making industry, the challenges in terms of automation, material, wall thickness and precision will certainly fall into sharper focus in the future and the Eagle G5 now provides precise multi-cavity machining that was not available in this class of machine until now for those mould makers chasing the microns.

From a specification perspective, the Eagle G5 Precision has a 750 by 650mm table with work tank dimensions of 770 by 670 by 440mm (W/D/H) and a dielectric level height of 450mm. Within this envelope, the new machine offers 525 by 400 by 450mm of travel in X, Y and Z axes with a distance from the head to the table ranging from 135 to 585mm. No other machine can offer this ‘Useable Volume’ within these movements allowing small and larger workpieces to be machined from one reference. Capable of workpiece loads of 1000kg, the new machine provides sufficient space and capacity for all your EDM processing requirements.

The G5 Precision incorporates many new temperature stability features including the implementation of a full cabin around the working area as well as a new vacuum system for fume extraction. The machine is equipped with the new Eagle Powerspark One control system and part of this control is the programming software Eagle Powerspark Editor (PSE). With this, OPS Ingersoll redefines user-friendliness with complex eroding tasks now created and adapted with ease. By applying just a few simple steps, the number of inserts of each electrode and a wear compensation can be configured and realised in the electrode manager. Achieving low surface class and electrode wear combinations that have never been seen before with Graphite electrodes (also now featured in the G50).

OPS Ingersoll automation solutions offer a wide range of retrofittable solutions from 70 electrodes and 10 workpiece pallets (other variants possible), place coded or chipped (IMC LIGHT) through to multiple linked machines and workflow management. This allows the user to grow with the technology and future proof the investment. For further information on the next-generation Eagle G5 Precision, please contact the Engineering Technology Group (ETG).