ETG Workholding adds MATRIX pin gripper system to its portfolio

MATRIX X MachiningNow exclusively available from Coventry based ETG Workholding, the Matrix range of pin based X clamp fixturing systems are ideal for 5 axis machining creating a part specific fixture in seconds.
They offer highly secure workpiece gripping without the need for special purpose fixturing and being compact in design, are well suited to fixturing in 5th axis applications.  Here, the trunnion is often smaller than on a 3 axis machine, and when long reach tool holders are used, access is all important.
There are 2 variants available – Blue Clamp and Silver Clamp – which offer a combination of short set-up times for varying shape work-pieces, an economical alternative to custom-made fixtures and dimensional accuracy and work-piece stability due to the ‘all round’ component clamping as opposed to a conventional two or three point holding vice.
The clamp effectively creates its own component support, holding and clamping parts even with complex geometries, varying dimensions and sensitive surfaces. This creates a part-specific fixture in a matter of seconds which is fully repeatable yet still offers fast re-setting for the frequent changing of parts.
The Blue Clamp for metrology consist of X-support, X-Grip and accessories such as T slot plates and guide rails.
The Silver Clamp is for supporting of machining parts and consists of X-clamp and X-support in various sizes such as X-Clamp 100, X-Clamp 125, X-Clamp 40 along with the X-Support systems.
As well as machining, the Matrix system can hold workpieces in assembly operations with pin material options for delicate surfaces or hot applications.
The Support XS is for supporting and fixturing small and sensitive work-pieces featuring 142 pins with a diameter of 2.5 mm to guarantee a safe hold.  This variant is particularly compatible with delicate surfaces.
Support SXS is suited to securing small, complex surfaces while guaranteeing high accessibility for use in CMMs and measuring arms. It offers 37 pins providing a safe hold, combined with a minimal interference contour.
Finally, the X 40 support offers reduced vibrations in light machining, holding small workpieces in a dense 58 pin, 3 mm pad.
ETG Workholding offers the MATRIX pin system either from stock or with short lead times.
For further details, please contact or on 024 7699 3153