ETG Strikes Technology Partnership with Winbro

The Engineering Technology Group (ETG) is delighted to announce that it has signed a technology partnership with world-leading machine tool manufacturer Winbro Group Technologies. The new agreement between the UK and Ireland’s leading machine tool solution providers will streamline and enhance the route to market and accessibility of technology that is continually breaking boundaries.

Winbro Group Technologies is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced machines and technologies based on non-conventional processes. Winbro Group Technologies offers a comprehensive range of high technology machining systems that have a distinguished pedigree in the production of cooling holes and other forms and features in turbine components. This has earned Winbro Group Technologies an enviable reputation in the aerospace, industrial gas turbine and power generation sectors, providing machines with unique capabilities to these industries. However, as a company that is continually pushing the pace of technology evolution, Winbro is now making significant inroads by applying their unique IPR to new sectors such as electronics and medical devices. Winbro non-conventional machining processes include High-Speed EDM Drilling, Laser Drilling, Cutting & Ablation, Creep Feed Grinding and ECM (Electro Chemical Machining) that are increasingly suitable for the medical, electronics and electric vehicle and battery technology sectors.

Commenting upon the newly formed relationship, ETG’s Group Managing Director, Mr Martin Doyle says: “This new partnership will benefit both parties hugely. Winbro is pushing the envelope on next-generation technology that can be applied to a vast range of applications and industry sectors, delivering high-quality machine tools beyond anything else in the market. They are the machines of choice for critical components in the aerospace industry. ETG deliver sales, service, support and integration and its expertise in turnkeys and process development will further enhance the UK’s high-technology manufacturing base. By forming this partnership, ETG will identify opportunities whereby manufacturers across the entire spectrum can benefit from investing in Winbro machine tools. ETG and Winbro, as part of the sales process, have the ability to demo pre-production processes at the facility in Shepshed. The ETG team is excited for the opportunity to work with one of the key UK manufacturers of machine tools and once again promote and support the UK manufactured brand.”

Adding to this, Winbro Group Technologies’ Chief Commercial Officer Andy Lawson says: “We are delighted to form this partnership with ETG, which is an ideal marriage of Winbro’s world-leading technology in non-conventional machining and ETG’s broad base across many industrial sectors. Wherever ETG’s customers have a problem that cannot be addressed with conventional machines, Winbro can potentially offer a solution.”

Winbro Group Technologies has a manufacturing and assembly facility in Coalville with another facility in Rock Hill, SC, USA where machine systems can be configured either as a single process or dual complimentary process machines.

Winbro Advanced Machining (WAM) is Winbro’s in-house contract machining business with certifications including ISO9001 2015, AS9100 Rev D, Accreditation with NADCAP for non-conventional processes plus independent accreditation with many of the industry’s blue-chip OEMs. Concluding upon this, Martin Doyle says: “The WAM facility gives ETG customers a tangible reference point where they can investigate the available solutions and technology from Winbro. The facility also highlights how Winbro technology can create a step-change in product development concepts and the respective production capabilities.”

ETG Strikes Technology Partnership with Winbro