ETG Offers Gear Grinding Masterclass with KAPP NILES

From the 16th to the 20th November, KAPP NILES will be hosting a digital event for manufacturers to explore the variety of gear technologies and their latest gear grinding product advancements. As a world leader in this segmentKAPP NILES is allowing UK engineers to explore the digital exhibition booth at whilst simultaneously running a series of technical seminars. 

 Exclusively available in the UK from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG), the KAPP NILES brand is renowned worldwide for its groundbreaking technology in the field of gear grinding production technology. So, if you have an interest in this fascinating fieldjoin our digital exhibition or register to participate in one of the technical webinars.

The webinar series will commence on the 16th November with an introduction to Industry 4.0 solutions through the theme of “Proven mechanical engineering geared to innovative IIoT solutions”. Under this motto, KAPP NILES specialists will guide visitors through the world of gear technology. The first webinar over the five-day event will be “What makes a generating grinding machine flexible? Special features of the KNG 350 expert”, an introduction to one of KAPP NILES’ industryleading gear grinding machines.  

 On the 17th November, KAPP NILES Metrology Division will host a second seminar “How efficient is high-precision gear measurement?”, providing an overview of the special features of KNM 2X and KNM 9X gear measurement machines. This will be followed on the 18th with a webinar on “How can quality assurance be integrated into the gear finishing process?” – this insight will give practical examples based on an electric vehicle drive. Seamlessly following this on the 19th November will be a webinar on “How do digital services simplify the use of KAPP NILES machines?” with a discussion on the KN Assist service software platform and its benefits in reducing set-up and production times.

On the final day, KAPP NILES will round-off the event with a webinar on “Which new possibilities does the familiar process offer?” – an overview of ‘Generating Grinding 2020’. Each webinar will be repeated each day and at different times to suit the flexibility of the viewer. So, if you have a serious interest in gear grinding technology, follow the link ( and sign up today.