ETG majors on technology at MACH 2016

At MACH 2016 ETG will be majoring on its expertise as an advanced machining systems supplier, highlighting its capabilities as a designer and manufacturer of turnkey and automated machine loading systems.

The ‘where technology talks’ themed stand will feature nine fully operational high end machining centres, six of which are being featured for the first time in the UK along with two Halter robotic loading and unloading systems – also first time exhibits for UK visitors.

A range of live demonstrations will be running on Chiron, Nakamura –Tome, Stama, Quaser and Hardinge machines with the Halter ‘Load Assistant’ automation systems also operational. In addition, a further four Hardinge machines along with a Quaser are being demonstrated on other exhibitors stands at the exhibition.

On show for the first time from Chiron will be the FZ12 FX AutomationUno, widely regarded as one of the foremost machining centres in its class in terms of speed, compact construction and capability. The machine offers exceptional versatility, able to operate in high/medium volume manufacturing environments and undertake complicated machining operations of true 5-axis forms and tight geometries with high process stability. As standard the FZ12FX AutomationUno is equipped with a 2-axis tilt rotary table and Siemens NC-control and is a machine well suited to lights out machining.

Three Nakamura-Tome turning centres are featured one of which – the NTRX-300 -makes its UK exhibition debut.

Described as a fusion between a 5-axis machining centre and a lathe, the NTRX 300 is a heavy duty multi-tasking machine offering single set up capability for machining complex, high value components.

It features 5 axis capability on both of its twin opposed spindles and an upgradeable 8,000rpm milling head with a 30kW cutting power available for shaft turning. Other features include the Y axis stroke capability of 250mm around the spindle centre line, the B axis with a 225º rotation, a maximum workpiece turning length of 1150mm and the distance between spindle centres of 1350mm. The NTRX is exceptionally stable due to its unique bed design and rigidity and the exhibition demonstration machine features an 80mm through bore bar capacity. A smaller 65mm bore is standard although larger options are available.

The AS 200 turning centre is single turret mill/turn centre offering powerful machining performance at a competitive price. The centre features high performance milling on the Y axis, a 15 or 12/24 station turret and is equipped as standard with NT Work Navigator permitting component co-ordinates to be set via the control – a Fanuc CNC.

At MACH this machine will be fitted with a Halter ‘Load Assistant’ load/unload unit which uses a Fanuc robot arm with the Halter smart control and smart loading system to demonstrate optimised workpiece loading and unloading.

The Load Assistant features conversational robot programming and is ideal for manufacturers’ operating small and medium CNC lathes and machining centres.

The third machine from Nakamura will be the highly popular WT-150II turning centre, a multi-turret, multi-tasking lathe built for production environments. It is a compact, high rigidity machine with upper and lower independent slides to eliminate vibration between operations and features a Nakamura SmartX control and integral software offering productive process monitoring.

Stama, the specialist in advanced four and five-axis machines for heavy duty machining applications will be featuring its MC538 TWIN equipped with HSK 100 tooling for heavy duty machining applications.

TWIN Technology offers highly productive complete machining, fast changeover and flexible response to variations. TWIN is only employed in double-spindle machining centres giving increased production in the same footprint with high thermal and mechanical stability and rigidity.

Manufacturing solutions with TWIN technology can also be flexibly automated. Features include defined loading positions and interfaces for robot or gantry loader systems and an integrated handling system for workpiece and tools, which offer greater productivity, reliability and availability.

At MACH the large, heavy duty HSK 100 tools on the MC538 will be demonstrated at full capability manufacturing steel calipers.

Two Quaser VMC machines are being featured – the MV235 and the MK603S.

The MV235 offers high speed, high power machining with large X and Y travels on a compact footprint. This machine will feature a Maxia 15,000 rpm BT 50 taper spindle and 20 bar through coolant. It will be equipped with Nikken CNC260B toolholders.

The Quaser MK603S is a third generation full production VMC offering an exceptional working capacity with proven high productivity and reliability. The machine at MACH will feature a vertical pallet change, 15,000 rpm spindle and linear scales on the X,Y and Z axes.

Finally, two new machines from Hardinge.

The Hardinge SP GT27 Turn Grind is a super precision lathe which can be equipped with up to three grinding spindles that makes the machine ideal for producing high quality, high precision parts depending on the machine configuration.

It has a hard turning capability and the minimum workpiece overhang complements the unique features of the Hardinge spindle. Vibration at the spindle is minimised by the Harcrete machine base and its grinding heads can produce surface finishes of 8 micro-inch and exacting part roundness of .000015 inches is achievable. The lathe can produce continuous machining accuracy of .0002 inches giving it a machining consistency to support SPC requirements.

The Hardinge XR1000 is a high performance, high specification VMC that features a large workpiece capacity coupled with high-performance spindle technology.

The machining envelope is an impressive 1200 x 600mm and the 25hp (18.5kW) 12,000rpm spindle from Weiss features a new grease replenishing system. It has an upgradeable 30 position ATC, through spindle coolant delivery and a swarf management system that includes a chip conveyor. As standard the machine is equipped with a Heidenhain iTNC530 control.

This machine will also be fitted with a Halter ‘Load Assistant’ load/unload unit to demonstrate optimised productivity through workpiece loading and unloading.

All of the machines featured on the ETG stand will be fully operational with a range of operations being demonstrated.

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