ETG Increases flexibility of Chiron DZ16W workhorse

The Chiron DZ16W series of machining centre has now increased its already impressive flexibility and productivity credentials, with the integration of the VariocellUno automation unit. Available in the UK and Ireland from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG), the Chiron DZ16W series that combines the highest levels of precision, dynamics and cutting capabilities –just got even better. 

 Developed and driven by the demands of leading manufacturers, the new Chiron DZ16W is the result of intensive dialogue within multiple market segments to create a fundamentally new machining platform with mobile gantry design. This enables the DZ16W to achieve unmatched levels of surface finish and precision on increasingly complex workpieces. With the integration of the VariocellUno automation unit, maximum productivity, precision, and flexibility are no longer contradictions. 

Now comprising a handling robot and workpiece storage optionthe enhanced Chiron DZ16W has been designed for the productive exchange of blank and finished-part pallets during machine operation in series production. This makes it possible to machine a large number of workpieces in concise cycle times.  

Utilizing a six-axis robot to handle workpieces on the DZ16W, a variety of standardized options support operators in interpreting and implementing project-specific requirements. The new machining centre and automation combination are available with drawer storage, palletizer or workpiece conveyor beltdepending upon the individual customer requirements. With a large rotating door that makes the machine working area very easy to access, the automation cell can also be moved for setup and maintenance work – it can also be retrofitted to existing machines. The flexibility of the VariocellUno automation unit also makes it available for integration with the STAMA MC531 range of machine tools from the Chiron Group.  

From a productivity standpoint, the Chiron DZ16W already boasts industryleading productivity levels with its double spindle configuration and workpiece loading and unloading system that accelerates productivity times. This twin-spindle design sits within a compact work area that has X, Y and Zaxis travel of 340 by 450 by 400mm. Inside this work area are two powerful 61kW spindle motors that generate 200Nm of torque up to a maximum spindle speed of 20,000rpm. Each spindle is supported by an 80-tool loading station (160 tool total) and a heavy-duty HSK-A63 spindle taper. If unsurpassed productivity is your goal, please contact the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) for more details on what the Chiron brand can provide your business.