ETG expands its portfolio into robotics

HALTE_BLOG_ETG_WEBSITE_ROBOTThe Engineering Technology Group (ETG) has expanded its partner portfolio by becoming the UK distributor for Halter CNC Automation B.V., the Netherlands based supplier of machine tool robotic loading and unloading systems.

Sitting alongside its machine tool and workholding products, ETG believes the addition of Halter will further expand its turnkey, FMS and machine automation capabilities which are increasingly an integral part of customer specifications.

ETG has a significant Operations and Engineering division based on its Wellesbourne, Warwickshire facility and which designs and assembles automation systems for use with the range of market leading machine tool brands it represents.

Halter products have increasingly become integral to ETG’s automated loading and unloading technology but in becoming its UK distributor, ETG is able to offer solutions, design and supply systems to suit any CNC machine.

Best known for its ‘Load Assistant’ which uses a Fanuc robot arm with the Halter smart control and smart loading system, Halter CNC Automation B.V. has over 25 years’ experience in supplying robotic solutions to increase the productivity of machining centres.

It has developed a conversational interface which eliminates actual robot programming, and systems being installed range from complex multi-robot installations to simple but highly effective pick and place robots.  These offer manufacturers’ operating small and medium CNC lathes and machining centres affordable automation opportunities with the advantage that they can be moved from machine-to-machine for rapid changeover.

A feature of Halter automation systems is the simplicity of smart control programming system which does not require previous robotic experience.  It is a universal system for both CNC lathes and CNC machining centres.

Steve Brown, ETG’s product development manager for Halter comments; “Demand for automation systems to work with machine tools is increasing and has led to our engineers assessing the market for specialist robot suppliers.

“We have been highly impressed with Halter’s all around skills in this area and as such, have agreed with them a partnership programme.

“As well as working on automation and turn keys with machines we represent we are happy to work on retro fits and upgrades, working on all models of machine tools where operator’s feel they may gain better productivity through and automated component supply system.”