COVID-19 Reflection Provides Restructure Opportunity for ETG

Following the COVID 19 lockdown, the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) have been able to take advantage of the time to reflect, review and restructure their business model. This is to create a more efficient and streamlined one, which will pave the way for a more enhanced service level for new and existing customers.

In the past 12 months, the ever-evolving manufacturing business has been able to acquire HK Technologies, while launching an entirely new brand of machine tools, these factors have been taken into account and have attributed to the company restructure. As a company, ETG has been an amalgamation of numerous business divisions that have all operated without maximising the full opportunities of ‘group’ synergy. This restructuring is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020 and will include the full incorporation of HK Technologies into the Engineering Technology Group.

The Groups managing director, Mr Martin Doyle says: “The reflective period of the pandemic has polarised our focus to streamline our business model while seeking opportunities to serve our customers better than ever before. With the arrival of the Vulcan brand of machines and the purchase of HK Technologies and Its respective machine brands, the business model, the ETG philosophy and ethos was at risk of dilution. By absorbing HK Technologies and creating greater synergies across the Group, we can streamline administration, sales and service departments”

“The restructure will create opportunities that energise the sales force that has a solution for every manufacturing business. This gives our sales team complete access to the entire portfolio that includes everything from cost-effective to high-end machining, CAM and software solutions plus many more. All supported by service, spares and an engineering team that can deliver complete turnkey solutions. No other machine tool vendor caters for the industry as extensively as ETG. By amalgamating all business divisions, the opportunities are significant.”

This new structure will see the individual sales, technical and spares department to become responsible for not only our existing products but also the HK Technology brands.  Closing the Groups restructure, Martin says; “Our ability to respond to customer requests in the future about everything from dedicated service and application engineers to machine tool and complete turnkey solutions will be significantly improved by the new business structure”.