Complex, high value manufacturing? Nakamura raise the bar with the NTRX 300

With twin opposed spindles and an upgradeable 8,000rpm milling head, the innovative NTRX 300 5 axis simultaneous machining centre from Nakamura-Tome is a heavy duty multi-tasking unit offering complex, high value component machining capability in a single set up.

The NTRX-300 is available from the Engineering Technology Group in Southam who are exclusive distributors for Nakamura-Tome Machine Tools in the UK and offer extensive engineering and technical support throughout the lifetime of the machine.

Despite its power and capacity – 30kW cutting power available for shaft turning with a standard 65mm through bore bar as standard – the NTRX-300 has aNTRX 300 PR 1 small footprint.  Yet the X and Y axis travel on the machine ensure a machining range of 250mm wide, further enhanced with the X axis having a 125mm travel below the spindle centre to extend the machining range to 250mm square. The Y axis slide travel of 250 ± 125 is considerably greater than many other machines in its class.

Features within the machining envelope include the B axis with a 225º rotation, a maximum workpiece turning length of 1150mm and the distance between spindle centres of 1350mm.

Because of the 300’s reduced distance from the tool tip to the B-axis centre of rotation, the B axis resists cutting torques and retains stable machining performance.  The X, Y and Z axes are all highly stable, being directly mounted to their respective ball screws to ensure backlash free, high speed and smooth movement.

The NTRX-300 features a robust 18.5kW tool spindle offering 8,000rpm (12,000rpm optional).  It is available with either tailstock or twin spindle configurations.

In twin spindle configuration the LH and RH spindles offer 4,500rpm with 15kW powerful motors and up to 30kW cutting power can be available for turning shaft work with the synchronised spindles.  High powered versions are also available for larger bar capacity veNTRX-300_retouchrsions at 22kW.

All these features in a machine mounted on a uniquely designed bed which maximises thermal stability, creates uniform loads during slide movement and features a highly rigid spindle.

It also features a unique in-built load/unload device, a 40 tool Capto C6 ATC as standard (60, 80, 120 optional) as well as the standard bar capacity of 65mm with upgrade options of 71mm, 80mm and 90mm diameter.

From the operator standpoint, a feature of the NTRX-300 is the ergonomic operating position with the easy to reach spindle centre at 1100mm above floor height and 450mm from the door.  Likewise the operating panel offers a range of vertical and lateral adjustments making it easier for the operator to work at the panel.

The NTRX-300 features a graphic user display on a colour LCD monitor interfacing with the main control based on the Fanuc 31i-B 5 axis system.

The NT Smart X Operation Software (using Windows 8.1) offers an “operation level management” function to view the operator clearance level “productivity monitor” function that also shows the status, productivity graph and capacity utilisation of the machine with a loading monitor function advising detailed load information.

The NT Smart X screen also enables an operator to view the NC programme while watching the 3D interface check and to view CNC coordinates while watching the machining area through a video camera. Voice guidance and production management are also included.