CNC Machines for Sale

CNC Machines for Sale

We are proud to offer CNC machines for sale from some of the largest and respected machine tool manufactures across the globe. Our trusted world-class CNC machine tools associates include; Chiron, Nakamura-TomeQuaser, Stama, bavius, Pietro Carnaghi, and robotics/automation from Halter.


Our machines from CNC lathes & milling machines to CNC tube bending machines.

Milling, Turning and Automation Machines For Sale

Please see below The Engineering Technology Group corporate video. Illustrating the turnkey offering and displaying the brands of CNC machines we offer. We are a forward-thinking company dedicated to making engineers champions.

Please do give us a call to find out how we can improve your cycle times and productivity on 01926 298 128 if in the UK or 045 435 457 if in Eire.

See below quick links to our milling, turning and automation categories.

External reference links:

Company websites of ETG’s world-class machine tool manufacturer associates.

Nakamura Tome, Pietro Carnaghi  and Stama.