CHIRON Group launch a new series of machining centres

CHIRON and STAMA recently expanded their line-up of standard-setting machining centres. With the current rate of evolution in the world of industrial processes in mind, they have launched a new series of machines, including the FZ/DZ range from CHIRON and the MT 733 from STAMA.

All are aimed squarely at providing the ultimate CNC solution for their customers, enhanced further by ETG’s range of complete turnkey packages.

“The FZ 16 S five-axis and the DZ 16 W from CHIRON were designed to meet the increasingly stringent industry requirements and the increasing complexity of machined workpieces.” – Dr Claus Eppler, Head of Research and Development at CHIRON.

“The STAMA MT 733 two is the complete machining solution for high-precision components in mixed milling and turning processes.” – Dr Guido Spachtholz, Managing Director of STAMA.


CHIRON’s guiding design principle for the FZ/DZ 16 series was the customer requirements for precision and quality of finish. A new gantry design allows for increased rigidity, which increases the available precision.

The modular design structure allows for greater levels of bespoke customer configuration. The 5-axis swivel rotary table or workpiece changer is equipped with individual automation solutions. As standard, the equipment comes complete with the new TouchLine operating system and 24” panel for the direct monitoring of machine conditions.

The FZ/DZ 16 can accommodate up to 162 tools, while maintaining a compact and space-saving design, making optimum use of the workspace. CHIRON’s new additions are capable of machining pieces up to 700mm with a maximum weight of 360kg, while simultaneously producing complex, geometric shapes.


In a world of new requirements, new processes are in high demand. In light of this, STAMA have developed the new MT 733 series, finding a comfortable home in the ETG portfolio. Available in four variants, the MT 733 sees the improvement of the thermal, static and dynamic stability with an enhanced thermosymmetrical design in the polymer mineral cast base frame.

Utilising the Galaxie® drive system from Wittenstein, STAMA have ensured that the MT 733 is characterised by zero play, optimum synchronisation, high overload capacity and high repeat accuracy.

All four of the MT 733’s variants are automated and are infinitely versatile with a range of possible additions and bespoke modifications available through ETG. Workpieces now no longer need to pass through a series of machines before completion, rather just one MT 733.

The entire MT 733 range will be available by the end of 2019


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