CHIRON Group presents innovative solutions for future-proof manufacturing at EMO

Competent, smart, innovative, sustainable. These four concepts were the guiding principles for the CHIRON Group‘s presence at EMO Milan 2021. Available in the UK from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG), the CHIRON Group presented the solutions for productive and sustainable manufacturing processes. This included Machining centres like the extremely compact Micro5 and the DZ 25 P 5-axis, the new CHIRON 715 Series for bar machining, 3D metal printing with the AM Cube as well as digital systems and services.

CHIRON stand at EMO

Bernd Hilgarth, Chief Sales Officer at the CHIRON Group, arrived at a positive conclusion in every regard: “Machining centres live in action, the babble of voices and machine sounds, large halls full of life, personal exchanges instead of video calls… that was a special experience for visitors and exhibitor alike, one we had all missed. We are very happy to have taken part and that we were able to demonstrate to the expert visitors from across the world how they can make their manufacturing processes even more productive, profitable and sustainable with the solutions from our four strong brands CHIRON, STAMA, FACTORY5 and CMS.”

Innovative manufacturing solutions in every dimension
Small, strong and black like a cup of espresso at the exhibition booth, the FACTORY5 machining centre demonstrated just how smart and energy-efficient the production of very small parts for medical technology, watches and jewellery can be. The DZ 25 P 5-axis with a spindle distance of 800mm for double-spindle machining of large components was also experienced live at the show. With short cycle times and therefore with maximum productivity while using less space, energy and resources not just in comparison to single-spindle machines. This combination was the centre of attention for visitors from the automotive and aerospace industries.

The CHIRON Group presented another means of gaining efficiency in the digital showroom – The DZ 28 P 5-axis with a spindle distance of 1,200mm. It has a pallet changer for high volumes – a smart feature for perfect access to the working area. The new CHIRON 715 Series, which is designed for multi-functional, autonomous machining of workpieces, for milling and turning with or without bar or for profile machining, also garnered a lot of clicks in the digital showroom. The Additive Manufacturing experts demonstrated how two of the CHIRON Group’s areas of expertise – machining and additive manufacturing come together to deliver perfect results using the example of a virtual repair process.

The digital systems of the SmartLine portfolio and the SmartServices complemented the exhibition’s appearance. They offer digital services with which customers can get the most out of their manufacturing process in every phase of a machine’s lifecycle and make their products even more profitable. For further information on this groundbreaking technology, contact the Engineering Technology Group (ETG).