CHIRON announces new automation solutions

CHIRON will be unveiling for the first time their latest developments in pallet automation to the wider world later this year at EMO Hannover. This comes after visitors to the CHIRON Open House were already given the opportunity to view the FZ 16 S five-axis with VariocellPallet.

The event will bring to light other innovations from the group, with CellLine and VariocellUno making a debut also.


Developed in direct response to changing customer requirements, VariocellPallet is the new cutting edge in pallet automation. This innovative new solution was devised to work in conjunction with the equally new FZ/DZ 16 series, with the aim of machining small batches in a way that is both more dynamic and more flexible.

chiron automation

VariocellPallet allows for different raw parts to be clamped on a rotary table on up to ten prefabricated pallets. Thanks to the system’s advanced handling system, parts can be guided one after another into the machining centre, following which the machined workpieces and the pallet together can be removed once the cutting process has been successful.

This not only increases productivity but also allows for one pallet to be loaded while another is being prepped. In addition to this, the requirement for rail systems has been removed; the transfer trolley is equipped with rollers and driven by motors can be moved in three directions.

The FZ/DZ 16 is not only available with VariocellPallet, but also with the modular automation solution VariocellSystem, which is adapted to the specific customer application.


CellLine is the latest IT solution to join CHIRON’s SmartLine portfolio. The automation enhancement allows for the entire manufacturing cell to be centrally and conveniently controlled with the use of an operating panel.
Upon request, CellLine can also be equipped with a modern order management function, alongside set-up and diagnosis functions for all assemblies. Keeping pace with the advancement of Industry 4.0, an internet-capable version is available, enabling remote access via the cloud and the option of multiple languages.


As an alternative to complete and costly facility refits, VariocellUno offers the capability to be retrofitted to existing and outdated machinery, bringing it more in-line with modern facilities.

The capabilities of this solution are being showcased by the retrofit specialist, CMS in Hanover. Retrofits present an attractive and cost-effective means of enhancing productivity and future-proofing existing resources.

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