Advanced Materials Guide: Uncover the Power of an Material Portfolio

The Engineering Technology Group are pleased to announce; that trusted associate 3D Systems have just released further additive manufacturing advanced material to their portfolio. We see this as an enhanced benefit to our 3D printing bureau service and clients wishing to push the boundaries of their 3D additive manufacturing capabilities.

advanced materials metal portfolio

3D Systems continues to innovate and advanced material science to expand the portfolio of additive manufacturing materials. However, to truly realise the benefits of these products, it’s essential to understand the specific characteristics each advanced material can offer to each application.

Our Materials Guide provides an essential overview to help you understand the 3D printing materials landscape. You’ll uncover a wide array of products – including new releases for this year – each delivering a range of characteristics from flexibility to bio-compatibility, ensuring you have a material suited to your specific application’s requirements.

Download our plastics guide now and explore the range of advanced materials that exist to help you take advantage of a range of characteristics such as:

  • Rubber-like flexibility to uncompromising durability,
  • High-temperature and flame-retardant,
  • Clear end-use parts and castable resins,
  • Dental and biocompatibility,
  • and many more.

Download our guide here.